What does your brand design say about your business?

Your brand image may have served you well up until now, getting the business off the ground with a bootstrap budget. But if you need to take things up a level, it could be holding you back.

This was the case with my client, Grangewood, a company that refurbishes the most expensive residential properties in London for high net worth individuals. They had outgrown their brand. It looked stale and didn’t reflect their values of uncompromising quality. I worked with the CEO and senior management team to create a brand image that set them apart, reflected their values and was something that the whole company could be proud of.

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The process

It all starts with workshops to define your brand values, positioning and tone of voice. The brand design work is presented to you in stages, giving you and your management team the opportunity to provide feedback. Once the main concept is approved, the brand design pack is put together with all the elements your marketing and PR teams will need to communicate your new brand with consistency.

Your brand design pack

Here’s what you get



A complete set of logos in all file formats for using online and in printed materials


A guide book explaining how the brand should be presented, with examples. Including:

• logo usage

• colour palette for consistency online and in print

• graphics and layout style guide

• typography style

• photography style

• tone of voice for copywriting

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